Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace review

2017 began on a positive note for Arsenal as Giroud and Iwobi made us proud once again. The match was on stalemate till girouds wonderstrike took us forward. We had lots of posession but nothing materialized, till girouds moment of glory.

 It was indeed the first time I have seen a scorpion kick, I missed the offside scorpion kick last week, and didn’t care to watch it,until a few moments ago.It was a great effort from Giroud to direct that cross from Sanchez goalwards.The pundits are still debating,who scored the better one.For me it is Giroud any day,because it was onside and taken from in between 3 defenders.

Sanchez as usual was trying all day, Ozils absence was felt on corner kicks as many a kick was taken hastily by Xhaka. We played with composure till the end. There was only one or two episodes of possession and pressure by Crystal palace. We should have scored more, but in the end we cannot expect everything from a single game.


A familiar story that has been unfolding year after year after 2004 has started unfolding again.As a gunners fan,it is heartbreaking to start a newyear in the 4th position.A team which showed some grit after  the first game defeat to Liverpool, started wilting again in December.With contract talks with Sanchez and Ozil creating some uncertainity,lack of leadership is haunting the team again.Mustafi will be back,hopefully bringing back some steel at the back.

May 2017 be the year in which we win the Premier League or Champions league,preferably both.Looking forward for a reaction from our team on this newyear day,with a stunning win over Crystal Palace.